Norm (normmccray) wrote in iu_slis,

Looking for a room August '10


Hey fellow SLISians!

I was just regretfully informed that my landlord is moving back into my house this August, which normally wouldn't be a huge problem except that I'm allergic to his cat.  The LJ community seemed a safer bet than craigslist this early in the game, because I'd like to live with people with similar interests and temperament.  Asking for people in SLIS without cats is a long shot, for sure, but hopefully some of you fit the bill.

Ideally, I'd like to get as close to my current situation as possible, but everything's negotiable if the room-mates are a match.  I'm currently paying $325+util/month for a room in a nice house in a residential neighborhood, with other grad students who don't party and keep the place tidy.  Looking for a nerdy/geeky household without pets/explosions(unless they're for Science! which is always a good excuse)/smoking/nightly parties/etc.  I like to cook (and will happily cook for you, future housemates!), so a clean kitchen with some space is preferable.  

If you like video games, Science!, reading, hiking, building LEGO masterpieces, cooking, etc., we'll probably get along marvelously.
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